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2D & 3D CAD Design Services

On CAD Services SIJD provides solutions to your next custom design job and offer a variety of Design Services which meets the needs of our clients. We offer an complete turn key solution of high quality service and the solution we provide with all our in-house development either on designing or production of both the software and equipment along with our company’s exposure in the industry with years of experience and training, we will work with your custom existing designs, new design ideas, 2D drawings, design samples, and pictures to create your own design.

Providing the End–to–End solution with a host of Comprehensive Services including:

Design Consultation:

We will work with your existing designs, ideas, drawings, samples, and photos to create your own, either new or existing design.

Design Assistance:

To help you create a unique line of jewellery in price points and styles to fit your store.

Service on Rapid Prototype Model Making Rubber Mould Making :

Rapid Prototype (RPT), Wax Milling, and mould-making service

Note: All the above services will be provided by our own Developed Software/Hardware services for CAD/CAM named CAD ,Designing Software uniquely made for Jewellery Designing and it’s the only Software from World.

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